Bioline Jatò Review

I was delighted to recently be sent some products from Italian skincare company Bioline Jatò. This family run business have many years of experience in skincare having been established in 1979. 

Picture by Michael McGillycuddy (Aka Eileen's Hubby!) Check out his FB page for amazing photography.

I received the Soothing Serum with Aloe Vera (€35.98), Bilberry Hydrating Cream (€53.20) and Bilberry Refreshing Gel Mask (€40.90) from the Vintage 79 Sweet Relief line which is for sensitive, easily irritated, dehydrated skin. It also reduced redness. 

The Sweet Relief products contain Hydro-Soothing Complex (Black Bilberry, Hamamelis, Aloe Vera, Enteromorpha Compressa) which, per the company, ‘makes skin more resistant to external aggressions, providing comfort and freshness.’ It is a statement which I agree with completely. 

The serum is a lovely light gel consistency.  I applied a pea sized amount of the serum morning and evening and it is recommended to apply extra to any areas that would be more sensitive and for me that would be my cheeks. The aloe vera is soothing and it absorbs well. It also contains Entermorpha Compressa which is a type of marine algae, Kiwi Plant Water, Witch Hazel, Millet and Calendula Extracts. 

I followed with the hydrating cream which has a very gentle aroma of bilberry. It has a good consistency and not much is needed as it spreads very well over the skin. It left my skin feeling comfortable, hydrated and with a lovely glow. As well as the bilberry extract this cream also contains the following active ingredients: sweet almond oil, horse chestnut, hawthorn extract and evening primrose oil. Make-up applies very well over this too. 

I have been using the mask a few times a week. Again it has gentle aroma and felt cooling and soothing on application. I also noticed on days that my cheeks were red, be it from the weather or more recently the central heating back on (thank you Irish summer!), they looked much calmer after I removed the mask. It also contains witch hazel and chamomile extract as well as the bilberry extract as active ingredients. 

I am thoroughly enjoying using these products, my skin is soothed with a lovely healthy glow so that gets a big thumbs up from me.  

Bioline Jatò is sold exclusively through salons and spas so should any of you be interested to find out more on stockists or any of their other skincare products then please contact Newgen Skin -

Phone: (00353) 049 4326939

Until next time - Eileen x


  1. Wow, they sound fab and with someone who's sensitive skin & unfortunately prone to redness they are something possibly worth trying

    1. Eileen has been raving about them to me for weeks now and she is my go to for anything skincare related she is brilliant x

    2. They are so lovely. I hope you get to try them out and that you like them.

  2. The packaging is so, so pretty! The range sounds lovely x

    1. The packaging definitely caught my eye Sharon! x

  3. Firstly I really like the eye catching packaging and colours - so pretty, and they sound like the whole range are of excellent quality and offer great results too - thanks for sharing I will be checking out the website today!! #beautyandbooty

    1. So glad you enjoyed the review and delighted that Eileen could bring this to everyone and share her thoughts on it. :)


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