Getting Snap Happy on Snapchat with these 5 Tips!

Over the last few weeks Snapchat has really taken off among the blogging community, and we now have a new platform to get to know one another and keep up to date with each others blogs.

Thanks to Kathleen of Squidgy Moments and Nicole of Beauty Lifestyle Ramblings with Nicholle I was introduced to Snapchat over a year ago and I have been obsessed sinceSnap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend it then will disappear straight away if it was sent directly or will stay on your Story for 24hrs.

So I've compiled some of my favourite tips for anyone new to it!

1. Video Conversations:

This is without a doubt the funniest and best way to have a quick live conversation with one another. When writing to each other and you are on at the same time the yellow icon turns blue and makes a notification beep. When that happens press and hold and you can see each other and have a chat (bare in mind you both need to be on at the same time for it to work). I've only used this once with Sara from Where is my mind? and my ribs still hurt from the laughter, it could become very addictive.

2. Making Things Bigger!

I never paid much attention to the T icon at the top, but now I do. Insert your emoji press the T and it will make it bigger.

Make your words stand out too using the same method. 

3. Changing Colour.

You can also have fun with colours when writing annotations on your snaps. First write up what you want to say then press T then the label icon you should now be able to click the colour you would like. The colour changing of words only seems to work if going bigger with them.

4. Lazy tip for your camera.

Instead of using the camera icon to turn your camera, double tap a voila it turns for you!

5. Be yourself:

I hope you find these tips useful and easy to follow. Have fun over on snapchat, see you there later!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sara and thanks for the laughs today xx

  2. Love these tips. I'm nearly afraid to be myself but the whole thing has helped my confidence so far! It's great to put personalities to the blog

    1. Thanks Claire hope you put them into use now ;-) I love you on snap you are great xx

  3. Love the craic on snapchat, it has definitely helped me to be myself more! Great tips, the camera one is handy x

    1. It's great putting the voices to the face as well. You are gas on snapchat you should have your own show on the telly! Xx

  4. I've deleted the app twice... I think I fear I might never be off it!! It's certainly creating quite a buzz with bloggers

    1. It's so addictive Eimear especially now with so many on it :-) x


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