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Kiehl's New Daily Reviving Concentrate Review

Our skin can breath easy now from those sleepless nights thanks to Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate! Priced at €42.50 this isn't by any means a cheapy but my goodness, it's a goody. It helps revive and awaken your skin and glow from within. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pipette to dispense the beautiful smelling yellow tinted oil.

A little goes a long way just 2-3 drops of the oil and then I tap it into my skin. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine but before my suncream and it works perfectly for me as it's the rule I've always gone by (oil penetrates moisturiser but not the other way around), even though this is a serum/oil hybrid. The lightweight formula protects skin from daily stress, pollution, and smoke with it's revitalising properties. 

I am a big fan of oils; my skin just loves them, especially my dry skin. Using an oil during the day was a little unusual, but it's really making a difference to the appearance of my ski…

Budget Buy For Under €5: Essence Make Me Brow Review

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I've been waiting for around a month now for the Essence Make Me Brow (€3.05) in the shade Blondy Brows to hit our stands and it finally has YAY! Is this the Eyebrow Gel Mascara to take over my beloved Benefit Gimme Brows?! The Make Me Brow is definitely a cheaper alternative to the Benifit's price tag of €26.00 but read on to find out more.....

At first glance I had really high hopes, the packaging was similar, the colour looked spot on and the brush only a little bigger. The main difference for me was the brush, the Essence Make Me Brow has wider bristles and more of a comb effect through the brows making the product disperse further apart but with a little work the final result is very similar.

The formula looks wetter and shiner compared to Gimme Brows but once applied this doesn't show on the eyebrows thankfully. The Make Me Brows doesn't have the exact same effect but my goodness it's the closest I've gotten, and it gives me …

MAC Star Violet & Antiqued Eyeshadow Review

I've really gotten into MAC eyeshadows and I really want to start building my own Pro Palette so I bought 2 new shades (MAC Star Violet and Antiqued) to help me on my way. I was really intrigued by the MAC x 9 palettes but I'm really wanting to make my own, in those x 9 palettes two shadows really had me drooling which are these two that I ordered from Brown Thomas. The shadow refills cost €10 compared to the €16.50 you would usually pay for the shadows in the individual pots.

Star Violet is a plumy pink with brown undertones, it has a lovely warmth to it with some plum shimmer. It blends beautifully and really brings out the colour in blue or green eyes. It's veluxe pearl finish but I found with a primer the metallic pearly finish is toned down so I tend to use this shade without and it will last all day.

Antiqued is another one that really brings out the colour in blue and green eyes and I'm obsessed with this shade. It's another veluxe pearl finish and once again…

Eileen's Corner: Forever Living Aloe Activator & Mask Powder Review

I was recently sent some products from Forever Living to try. I received the Aloe Activator & Mask Powder (€32.00) which when combined together make a face mask. 
To make the mask it's one teaspoon of each product mixed together, the mask is then quite fluid and best applied with a brush. I used a foundation brush to apply a thin layer.

Per the instructions I relaxed in a reclined position for 30 minutes and limited facial movement. So no chatting, eating or drinking anything. Hubby was delighted to have a bit of peace! So I used the opportunity to catch up on some TV. 

This mask is not the usual type of one I would use. I normally use masks that do not harden and sometimes leave them on overnight. However this one gets dry very quickly and feels very tight on the skin. If you move your face any bit it cracks hence why you are to limit facial movement. I'm not crazy about the tight feeling from it and honestly initially I looked forward to removing it.

After a half hour it fel…

Yogandha Mind. Body. Therapy

Yogandha was founded in 2011 by Yoga teacher Sinead Duffy, who is now trying to help us boost our mojo with some wonderful products. How is this possible I hear you ask?! Well Yogandha launched the Mind Body Therapy range which is 100% natural and here to help us boost our bodies with aromatherapy oils. The range is designed to "Enhance, Lighten, and bring Balance to Life".
I was kindly sent two products to try out and after trying them both out the last couple of weeks I can say that I'm hooked on these products already. These products are great for those who practice Yoga but also non Yogis.
Yogandha Balance Rollerball (€19.95)

If you are in need of some balance while feeling hormonal or a little fidgety, then this is fab. It's like a perfume that when you put it on your pulse points, brings you back that calm that you need. The mix of essential oils are beautiful, with the divine jasmine and cypress aroma makes it calming and comforting. I have this on hand all th…

July Favourites

It's that time again when I round up my favourites. I try to do this every two month and it was so hard this time around to keep it to these six products. These all really are my favourites and I have been using them constantly. 

1. Bourjois Aqua 12hr Blush (€10.49) a beautiful gel formula which packs a punch. It leaves your cheeks with a sheer glow that lasts the day. You will look so fresh! A little goes a long way as this is super pigmented and work it in quick with a stippling brush for a flawless finish.
2. Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon (€10.99) I love this purely for the colour and it's moisturising feel. It's sheer wash of orange colour and I've been loving orange lips lately and this is great for day time. My only downfall with this product is the taste and how it lingers if you happen to lick your lips!

3. MAC Steam Heat (€21.50) unfortunately this was limited edtion (sorry!). I really wanted to go out of my comfort zone for once with lipstick and bought the …