Budget Buy For Under €5: Essence Make Me Brow Review

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I've been waiting for around a month now for the Essence Make Me Brow (€3.05) in the shade Blondy Brows to hit our stands and it finally has YAY! Is this the Eyebrow Gel Mascara to take over my beloved Benefit Gimme Brows?! The Make Me Brow is definitely a cheaper alternative to the Benifit's price tag of €26.00 but read on to find out more.....

At first glance I had really high hopes, the packaging was similar, the colour looked spot on and the brush only a little bigger. The main difference for me was the brush, the Essence Make Me Brow has wider bristles and more of a comb effect through the brows making the product disperse further apart but with a little work the final result is very similar.

The formula looks wetter and shiner compared to Gimme Brows but once applied this doesn't show on the eyebrows thankfully. The Make Me Brows doesn't have the exact same effect but my goodness it's the closest I've gotten, and it gives me a groomed brow that I need for my wild brow! I'm hoping also that when it dries out a little that the formula will be even closer in comparison and the fibres will give the more fuller look to my brows. Without a doubt this will be in my makeup bag for the foreseeable future and save me a fortune.

Tell me what is your favourite brow product right now?


  1. I think given the money you save it's well worth investing in over thr benefit one!

    1. It's definitely worth it, such a bargain and nearly identical :)

  2. Can't believe it. There is no essence near me though. Next time I'm in dundalk I must look.

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s | | I n s t a g r a m |

    1. Oh no Rachael, I do hope that you can pick it up in Dundalk :) x

  3. I'm definitely going to try this! For that price tag it sounds great :)


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