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Yogandha was founded in 2011 by Yoga teacher Sinead Duffy, who is now trying to help us boost our mojo with some wonderful products. How is this possible I hear you ask?! Well Yogandha launched the Mind Body Therapy range which is 100% natural and here to help us boost our bodies with aromatherapy oils. The range is designed to "Enhance, Lighten, and bring Balance to Life".

I was kindly sent two products to try out and after trying them both out the last couple of weeks I can say that I'm hooked on these products already. These products are great for those who practice Yoga but also non Yogis.

Yogandha Balance Rollerball (€19.95)

If you are in need of some balance while feeling hormonal or a little fidgety, then this is fab. It's like a perfume that when you put it on your pulse points, brings you back that calm that you need. The mix of essential oils are beautiful, with the divine jasmine and cypress aroma makes it calming and comforting. I have this on hand all the time and has become a handbag fixture for times when I need a bit of calm. I've been putting this on my pulse points as well as in the middle of my forehead and I love it. The glass vial is just so cute too, and sturdy (I know this because I dropped it when out and about and it didn't smash).

Yogandha Relax Body Oil (€29.95)

I've tried a lot of things in the past to help me relax at night due to the insomnia I suffer with and this has given me some of the deepest night's sleep on the nights that I've used it. With it's relaxing Lavender and then the Vetiver with it's soothing and calming and sedative qualities, this body oil has turned into a big winner with me. I use this liberally all over before bed and love it. My skin is left nourished because of the vitamin E and it feels luxurious on the skin. Also use this as a face oil at night and it's beautiful. Next, I'm going to try this in the bath! My favourite essential oil, Frankincense (which helps deep breathing and makes feel calm) is also in this heavenly bottle.

I also just want to mention that the outer packaging is really pretty which is 100% compostable and made from 100% recycled fibres!

Yogandha also support women around the world with 5% of profits going to women for women international

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  1. this sounds really cool, pity it's lavender scented - my least favourite scent </3 xx

    1. Aw that's a pity but they have more scents in the range so they might have one that you like :) x

  2. Replies
    1. I can't stop using them Nicola they are so fab xx


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