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Instagram September Roundup

I've done something similar to this awhile back and I thought I would revisit doing the Instagram roundups for you all. I know some of you don't have Instagram accounts so I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the highlights from this month and see what we got up to. Let me know if you this is something you would like to see again.

At the beginning of September we were on our hols and it meant the first time for Lillibug to be on a plane. Lillibug loved every minute of the journey and keeps asking us when we are on our way to the airport again!

Our destination was Paris and we had an amazing time seeing all the sights, the Eiffel tower was our first stop but it didn't make my top 4 places to see in Paris (read my top 4 here).
The biggest surprise which we managed to keep secret from Lillibug was our trip to Disneyland! Oh my I can't even put into words how unbelievably magical it was for us all. Lillibug got to meet her favourite characters and dress up as Snow Wh…

Irish National Stud and Gardens

Myself and Lillibug recently made our way to Kildare to the Irish National Stud and Gardens, and we had a fantastic day out, just the two of us! It was a great opportunity to bring Lillibug to a place my Daddy brought me all the time when I was a child, so I couldn't say no when we were kindly invited.
  In 1900 Colonel William Walker a purchased the land around Tully. From there he established a magnificent bloodstock of horses and also created the Japanese Gardens. It was then, in 1916, Colonel William Walker gifted the bloodstock to the British Government, thereby creating a National Stud along with Newmarket's The National Stud of the United Kingdom. After Ireland established a new government in 1943 the stud was then acquired by that government and became the Irish National Stud Company LTD.  The stud has become renowned the world over for it's thoroughbred horse breeding facility and winning stock. Today the stud is still a working stud breeding winning horses and …

Getting in the Mood for Disneyland & Paris with Netflix

So I've decided to stay on the Parisian theme on the blog, and if you have read my previous posts it will probably come as no surprise why (yes we went on our family holiday there). I wanted introduce a bit of Paris to our Netflix watching but also Disney as we were going to Disneyland too! I wanted to show Lillibug a taste of where she was going, and we were so lucky with our choices for her, and of course myself and Kevin had to have our fix too.

This underappreciated gem from the late 90's focuses on the story of the young Princess Anastasia who is separated from her family of Russian royalty trying to track them down again. While the first half of the film is set in Russia, the second part sees our heroine travel to Paris to try to make contact with her last living relative. The song "Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart" shows plenty of the sights, and we were able to point these out to Lillibug in the hope she would recognise them.
Hunchback of Notre Dame

4 Must See Sights in Paris

As you may have guessed.....I've been to Paris! This was my third visit and there are four places always on my list to revisit when I'm there. So I want to share them with you, some are your typical and unusual spots, but I have some gems too.
Arc de Triomphe 
The Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile (Triumphal Arch of the Star) is situated at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. It honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars. On the arch you can find the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces. Beneath the vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I. Just above the tomb is an eternal flame which burns in memory of those who were killed in war and are were not identified. 

The view from Arc de Triomphe to me is one of the best in Paris, I would definitely recommend it over the Eiffel Tower. There is a lift also to bring you to the museum and then a short flight of 46 s…

Mini Sephora Haul from Paris

So as you may have gathered from my Facebook and Instagram posts I was recently in Paris. One thing I really wanted to do if I had time was to visit a Sephora, and so it happened while we were strolling along the Champs Élysées.

I've heard so much about Sephora over the years but as you can see I only came out with some Sephora own brand products. I noticed that a few things that I had on my wish list were a bit more expensive than here so decided it wasn't worth it. I am happy though with the products I bought. 

I picked the Express Nail Polish Remover (€7.95) and I've already given this a whirl, and I'm really impressed. No more fussing or spilling nail varnish remover and when coming back in my suitcase I didn't worry about this spilling everywhere. There is a sponge inside and you just stick your nails in leave for a few seconds then, voila! Nail varnish off!
I also picked up a nail clippers (€7.95) out of desperation from all the walking we did the first two …

Lillibug's First Day of Montessori

Today was a big day for our Lillibug, she started Montessori!

The excitement was in the air this morning and Lillibug so proud of her schoolbag. With a bit of hesitation from me I eventually left her off as she got stuck in and made friends straight away. While I wasted my morning in shock at the quietness of the house I eventually got my act together thanks to some words of encouragement from friends and family. It was only later that I realised I was super excited to go and collect Lillibug.
Time flew by this morning......except for the last fifteen minutes, and I couldn't wait for Lillibug to tell me all about her morning! On our way home she told me about the fun she had, her new friends and how she liked her teacher. It might take me a few days to find my rhythm with all this time I have now but one thing is I'm very proud of my Lillibug as she takes another step growing up!

We chose Montessori for it's educational approach which was created and developed by Italian …