Instagram September Roundup

 I've done something similar to this awhile back and I thought I would revisit doing the Instagram roundups for you all. I know some of you don't have Instagram accounts so I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the highlights from this month and see what we got up to. Let me know if you this is something you would like to see again.

At the beginning of September we were on our hols and it meant the first time for Lillibug to be on a plane. Lillibug loved every minute of the journey and keeps asking us when we are on our way to the airport again!

Our destination was Paris and we had an amazing time seeing all the sights, the Eiffel tower was our first stop but it didn't make my top 4 places to see in Paris (read my top 4 here).

The biggest surprise which we managed to keep secret from Lillibug was our trip to Disneyland! Oh my I can't even put into words how unbelievably magical it was for us all. Lillibug got to meet her favourite characters and dress up as Snow White for the whole day.

I particularly love this picture of Lillibug on the slight because she is having a full blown conversation with Sven and Olaf and asking if they could come home with us on the plane.

It was so special finishing off our Disneyland trip by watching the fireworks and light show.
My love of writing letters and keeping in touch with friends is getting better, especially with the Irish Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers Inspire PenPal project. I got paired with Claire from Claire by Reverie and I look forward to her letters all the time now!
I finish off with my love of stationery and inspiring quotes.

I would love for you to head over and check out my Instagram account and give me a follow, to see more pictures like this. Leave your Instagram links below too for me to check out.


  1. Ah I bet Disney land was unreal I'd love to take Tom xx Siobhan xx

    1. It was out of this world, we all enjoyed it so much!!! We promised ourselves we will go back again in a few years time when Lillibug is a little older xx

  2. I love instagram roundups, I follow you on insta and I hadn't seen any of these, sometimes if I don't log on for a few days I lose track of people, so I adore these kind of posts!

    1. I like these posts too Sharon, and I love love love Instagram!!! I'm the same I miss things if I'm not on for awhile. x

  3. I love the roundups, Disneyland looked amazing!


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