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October Instagram Roundup

It's that time again where I bring you my monthly Instagram roundup. I really enjoy looking back though the pictures from the month and picking out some of my favourites. At the end of these posts I'm also going to recommend one of my favourite Instagrammers that I think you might enjoy following.
Every so often you might get a glimpse of Lillibug, and this is a moment we shared on Instagram during October. She is the light of my life.

I enjoyed our holiday so much in September that I've been looking and searching for new places to go. So looking at my travel essentials really gave me some inspiration.

I can never resist new stationery and what makes these pencils even better are the inspirational message they have to remind me I'm flaming wonderful!

I also made a Cloud 10 Beauty order this month which I did not feel guilty in purchasing in the slightest. The fact that €1 from every order going to the Irish Cancer Society had us all talking, and in turn brought awareness…

Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette

I finally got my hands on the Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette thanks to a friend who treated me for my birthday a while back! So I've been putting it to the test to bring you the lowdown on the much talked about palette.

Pippa is one of Ireland's well known models and in 2013 set up to talk about her love of beauty, style and fashion. So next on the list for the beautiful businesswoman was to create a palette and together with Blank Canvas Cosmetics this is the finished result!

The cardboard palette houses a good sized mirror along with six matte eyeshadows, one highlighter, one blusher and one bronzer. The shades are all very much leaning to the warm side, and suited my pale skin really well. 

The eyeshadows all blend really well, and any neutral shadow lover would adore this, and can build up to a wonderful smokey eye. They can be used dry or wet. They feel super soft and you have your essentials when it comes to these shades.

Lulu- A gold champagne highli…

Netflix Stream Team: Making Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) for Halloween!

It's that time of year again, Halloween! As a kid, it was a time for making your own costumes and props, so I decided to carry on this tradition with Lillibug. Now as you've seen on this blog before, Lillibug is big into her Disney Princesses, but she also enjoys her Marvel heroes with her favourites being Captain America and Thor. It was the latter that I decided I was going to try and take inspiration from, and what better than with Thor's signature weapon, the hammer "Mjolnir". So follow my steps below, (and hopefully improve on them) to make your own!
What you need: A cereal box, some tinfoil, 1 x toilet roll insert, 1 x kitchen roll insert, sellotape, and a scissors.

Step 1: Cut the toilet roll insert open, and flatten.

Step 2: Stand the kitchen roll insert in the centre of the flattened open toilet roll insert and attach with sellotape. If there's little hand that want to help with this, all the better. Be careful with that scissors though!
Step 3: Attach …

Stila Christmas Gift Sets for 2015

Oh dear, Halloween hasn't even happened I'm dropping Christmas on you all already! I'm going to be honest I have already started my Christmas shopping (back in August). So without further a do let me introduce you to Stila and their six Christmas Gift sets to make you feel the love for the season ahead!

1. Eternal Love RRP €30.00
Trio of glorious Liquid Lipsticks! It offers a nude for during the day, and a plum for night - this set is ideal. Plus a ravishing red lipstick for the festive season! Two of the three luxurious Liquid Lipsticks by Stila will be launched in 2016, so grab these exclusive shades early!

---------------------------------------------------- 2. Trust In Love RRP €38.00

Sealed in an elegant golden envelope, Trust in Love contains 12 Eyeshadows, a dazzling Lipglaze and the fabulous Huge Extreme Lash Mascara ! The convenient set contains a mixture of matte, shimmer and pearlescent shades - perfect for the party season!


Beauty Blender Review

It has taken me months, and months of toying with the idea of writing a review about a tiny itty bitty sponge that blends your makeup. Meet the Beauty Blender the ultimate beauty tool at a cost of  €22.40 available from Beauty Bay. Yes, you heard €22.40 and I was so sceptical about how this was going to be any different to the more affordable Real Techniques Sponge.

The small pink egg shaped sponge comes in a plastic cylinder and feels so tiny, but it feels super velvety and soft. So I washed my sponge thoroughly before first use, and you will notice some of the pink being drained down the plughole, but it does however hold it's colour for a few months, even if not as vibrantly.

To get started you just dampen your sponge and it expands. In the picture above you can see it's expanded and I usually use the cylinder it came with as a holder for drying. With a patting motion you blend your makeup in with the sponge, using the rounded side for the bigger surfaces of your face, and…

NYX Suede Collection Palette

I'm a big fan of NYX products but any of their eyeshadows I've tried have always let me down. Then I came across the NYX Suede Collection Palette (€16) and decided to give them another chance.

I didn't get off to a good start when I opened my delivery to see this was very much flimsy cardboard packaging. The window at the front is plastic and even though I take care of my makeup with pride this will need special care so possible not the best for travelling long haul.

It was the jewel shades that really got me hooked when I saw them close up, so decided to forgive the packaging and move on from it! You get 8 beautiful buttery shadows that do have a fair bit of fall out due to the shimmer and glitter. They do however translate very well on the eyes but be warned you need primer to make these stay in place. I'm not sure where the "suede" term comes from as once on the eyes they just look like shimmer shadows etc., but still beautiful.

For Autumn/Winter these s…

NARS Super Orgasm Blush

This my first foray into anything NARS, and of course it would have to be a blush. This was a special edition packaging as far as I'm aware and is even tinier than the original packaging which is really cute. So let me introduce you toNARS Super Orgasm Blush(€30)!
I'm very much obsessed when it comes to blushes, so I was very excited when I opened this. Also if you are a long time reader you know I just love me some glitter and this blush has plenty of it. The warm peach/pink tone and gold glitter particles looks beautiful in the pan, but does that translate to the face?! Em read on.

The texture of this blush feels very rough but this is down to the glitter particles and the blush underneath is smooth and blendable. The glitter goes EVERYWHERE accept for the cheeks. You will find that the glitter is loosely placed in the blush, so it just moves around and ends up stuck in the brush or flying around the room. I hope you can see in the below picture how loose the gold glitter i…

Smashbox #Shapematters 3 in 1 Contouring Palette

It couldn't be helped especially when the Smashbox #Shapematters Palette was a star gift with Boots, so instead of paying €76 this was on offer at €38. Bargain! The offer ends tomorrow so if after reading this you think it's just what you need for your makeup collection then get down to your local Boots pronto.

So what are you getting for your money:
The wax is protected from the powders with a plastic covering which is a bonus, and the wax feel soft but holds all day. The two brow powders are not too soft and work into the brows really well and give a natural look to your brows.

The contour is the perfect shade for my pale skin and doesn't pull orange, it's blendable and also buildable. The Bronzer also doesn't pull orange on my pale skin, so far so good, and it does warm up my complexion especially with the colder months coming in quick and my face needs warmth! The highlight does not show up on my skin and nearly works like a setting powder with sheen…