NYX Suede Collection Palette

 I'm a big fan of NYX products but any of their eyeshadows I've tried have always let me down. Then I came across the NYX Suede Collection Palette (€16) and decided to give them another chance. 

I didn't get off to a good start when I opened my delivery to see this was very much flimsy cardboard packaging. The window at the front is plastic and even though I take care of my makeup with pride this will need special care so possible not the best for travelling long haul.

It was the jewel shades that really got me hooked when I saw them close up, so decided to forgive the packaging and move on from it! You get 8 beautiful buttery shadows that do have a fair bit of fall out due to the shimmer and glitter. They do however translate very well on the eyes but be warned you need primer to make these stay in place. I'm not sure where the "suede" term comes from as once on the eyes they just look like shimmer shadows etc., but still beautiful.

For Autumn/Winter these shades are beautiful and have brought me out of my comfort zone to a degree. I do like this palette probably more than I should, and when I compare them to my previous palettes from NYX this one packs more of a punch when it comes to pigment.

There were no names for the shades on the palette they were just numbered, but I will try and give you a quick summary of the shades/swatches.

1. Very soft cream highlight shade
2. Light beige with a sheen to it.
3. Gold with a little shimmer
4. Bronze pearl effect and when used with a primer this pops like no other!

 5. Looks brown in the picture but it has more of a green slant to it with gold shimmer.
6. Brown with gold shimmer
7. Deep Green with shimmer.
8. Brown but this one was the hardest for me to work with, it was patchy and disappeared easily on my lids. Sometime has a burgundy look to it depending on the light.

Have you tried NYX shadows? Let me know what you think and if you have recommendations x


  1. Love those darker colours! Haven't tried any of their eyeshadows before actually so might purchase this even just to look at those colours haha, great post xx

    1. The dark colours are great and I've been dipping into use them with my other shadows to smoke things up a bit xx

  2. I haven't tried any NYX products as of yet but I've heard great things.
    The palette looks fab really liking the variety of shades

    1. I love NYX especially their lip products! The variety is great in this palette x

  3. I've always been skeptical of nyx eyeshaodws too, I love the brand though so I don't know why, but this looks like my kinda palette! 😍


    1. I had a few of their small black palettes with the bow on them and never found them to be pigmented or they wouldn't last on the lids, so this really was an unexpected surprise. The shades in this palette are just lovely x

  4. I've actually never tried their shadows, I love their lipstick so much but I tried the eye crayons and they irritated my eyes, I think that's why I've never gone near the shadows! This palette does look lovely, great colour selection x

    1. I love their lipsticks too they are fab and so affordable with a great shade range! I've mixed views on the eye crayons it's a love hate things. x


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