Beauty Favourites of 2015

Welcome to the first post of 2016 on the blog! 2015 was a great year for discovering some new and wonderful beauty products, so I thought it would be great to share the winners with you! I managed to get it down to my top 8 which is a miracle in itself.

The Wet n' Wild Coverall Foundation is my favourite of all the budget foundations I have tried. Coming in at under €5, this makes it a bargain in my eyes. The best bit? They have come out with a brand new lighter shade which suits my super pale skin perfectly. I have previously reviewed this before in the slightly darker shade which you can read here.

I've always struggled to find a suitable concealer for my under eyes, I've tried so many and they have always failed. Then I came across the NYX HD concealer (€7.49) and it's love. I go between shade 002 for a bright under eye look to make me look awake after a bad night sleep, and 003 for covering spots and also for covering the dark circles under my eyes. It doesn't crease and applies beautifully. These always sell out fast so I usually end up buying a few at a time to keep me going.

Having pale skin can make it hard to find a good contour colour that doesn't make your skin look muddy or orange. So discovering the NYX blush in Taupe was a fantastic find. It suits my skin brilliantly and can be built up for a stronger looking contour without pulling orange. Also NYX is a great affordable range and a brand that has firmly become a favourite of mine this year.

Meet theBalm Manizer Sisters! Earlier this year I discovered Cindy-Lou Manizer and loved it, so when I saw the palette with all 3 sisters I knew I need to try them all out, and I'm really happy with it. Mary-Lou is my favourite of all 3 a beautiful highlight for the top of the cheekbones. I love the formula, the application, the texture just everything! The palette was part of the Christmas collection but still available from Cloud10Beauty if you want to get your hands on it before it's too late. 

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: Honey hued luminiser
theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer: Peachy pink highlighter 
theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer: Shimmer bronzer

Stila "Eyes are the Window" Palette - Spirit. 12 amazing luxurious, blendable and fabulous shades. I love the packaging, it's compact, no crap brush to take up more room, and is my most used palette from the year. The highlight shade, Kitten, is fab for the inner corner of the eyes or for the top of the cheeks.

I have had the Mind palette from Stila on my wishlist for ages but it's always sold out, but the Mind one has all matte shades so I'll be keeping an eye out for it during 2016. The palette is around the €39 mark but I really think for the quality of the shadows and the packaging, it's well worth the splurge.

Okay I can see a trend happening here....another NYX product to make it into my beauty favourites of 2015. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are so comfortable on the lips. They are reminiscent of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet but the NYX offering wins for being cheaper, wears better and more colours to choose from. 

I'm a palette addict and I'm very picky about what I look for in a palette. The Pippa For Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an overall winner for me since I got it. The more I use it the more I love it, and I always seem to be reaching for it if I need it for my travels. I do have my issues with the palette which you can read here from my full my review, but this palette keeps reeling me in and I can't get enough of it. With your eyeshadows, highlighter, blush and bronzer, it has everything you would want for an overall palette.

The cost of this Original Beauty Blender could makes me cry but it really is the best of the best I have tried. I currently need a new one as the old one was on it's last legs and Lillibug gave it to the cat to play with (yep, it was clawed to shreds in seconds). I love how my makeup looks when I use the blender, and so worth it for my dry skin as the application of foundation using this makes it easier and flawless. I also reviewed this during the year if you want to know more.

So tell me what were your beauty favourites from 2015?!


  1. I love the sound of the NYX concealer, will have to check it out! Great picks!

    Happy New Year xx


    1. It's a great concealer and under €10. Hope you like it as much as me if you try it x

  2. I love the NYX HD concealer! I need to buy a beauty blender ASAP xx
    Happy New year Siobhan

    1. You want regret having a beauty blender ;-) Happy New Year xx

  3. I'm only getting to read your new post now. So happy to have you back blogging. I've seen so many great things about NYX HD concealers but as you said they sell out so quickly. I'll have to find somewhere in London that sells them so I can get some and try it. I've also seen loads of tutorials with beauty blenders so have to get one of those too. I feel a makeup shopping trip is due :) xx

    1. It's fantastic to see you back blogging too. Missed your posts and sense of humour so much! I hope you like the beauty blender as much as me if you get it xx

  4. Next time I need to buy make up products I'll definitely be consulting you for advice first!
    Nicola x

  5. Great list. I just discovered the balm there between new years and christmas and I love it.

  6. Definetly need more NYX this year. Great brand ♡

    1. Fantastic brand with great products and prices! x


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