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#SmallChanges with Optiwell Yogurt Drink

Okay hands up, who loves the biscuit with the first cup of tea in the morning? Do you have one with your second, third cup of the day, and don't forget the bar of chocolate in between....No? Well I did, but now that's changed with Optiwell Yogurt Drink. When they contacted me a few months ago I really wanted to try it to see if it could get me out of a really bad habit especially at a time I needed to kick the snacking habit.

I started drinking these when Lillibug was in hospital back in January, and I was grabbing the 330ml small bottles from the fridge before heading back to the hospital. It was better than snacking on biscuits and chocolates, and I found that these kept me going for longer. The Optiwell yogurt drink was refreshing and tasty and even Lillibug loves them now. The yogurt drinks come in 330ml bottles (€1.99) for easy on the go drinks or the 1 litre (€2.79) cartons. You have a choice of the Strawberry & Raspberry flavour which is our favourite, or the Peach…

Bookawoo Opening Kids to a World of Imagination

I have been so excited to review Lillibug's Bookawoo delivery since it arrived at the door! First I'll begin by saying that I came across Bookawoo Monthly Children's Book Subscription on Twitter a few months ago. When we started chatting they offered to send me the first box for free, and of course I said yes. We are book mad in this house and Lillibug treasures books as much as we do.

Even the postman that delivered it was asking me about it saying the packaging caught his attention! It certainly caught my attention, because even though addressed to me, on the other side it was personlised for Lillibug which I thought was a lovely touch. I was surprised by the box as it's not what you see on their website so it got me even more intrigued. I waited until Lillibug finished school so she could be the one to open it........

When she opened the box it was once again personlised with a quote from Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka (yes I'm a sucker for personlisation, but it…

NOTD: Essie Nail Polish "Go Ginza"

Gone are the dark colours of Autumn/Winter and now Spring has sprung and my nails need to feel that way. Essie is brand of polish I love but for some reason I don't have very many in my collection, so I picked up 3 new ones and here is the first one I've tried.

Essie "Go Ginza" is a lilac with pink undertones a perfect pastel for spring and with 2 coats you get the opacity you need. You could even go for 3 if you have the time. The drying time with thin coats is quick and I like the application the brush gives. I used a topcoat and I'm now on day 4 with no wear or tear which is a miracle for me and a polish, and I think by the looks of it I'll get another few days.

 Let us all just ignore the state of my cuticles and skin (I hang my head in shame).  The above picture is with 3 coats of "Go Ginza" and a top coat, also picture taken on 4th day of wear in natural light. I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of wear out of this colour over the comin…

First Aid Beauty is it as FAB as it sounds?!

I'm back.......again! Sorry for the big gaps in posting this year, it's been a madhouse here for awhile, but I'm hoping to get back blogging again regularly and I just want to thank you all for staying around and engaging with me still on social media. So on with the show as they say....
I picked up a First Aid Beauty aka FAB gift set before Christmas on Cloud 10 Beauty, and I didn't know much about the brand before hand except for their Facial Radiance Pads (but I didn't get them yet). The set I got is no longer available but they can all be purchased from Cloud 10 Beauty individually.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser is feels like pure luxury on the face. After moving away from oils to cleanse I'm really enjoying using this in the mornings. With its whipped texture and creamy feel once it hits your skin, it breaks down all the dirt and grime to leave you with a soft feel to your skin. I like it because it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped and it takes …

Throw Back Thursday with Netflix

We're back again with Netflix and now joining Stream Team for our third year. We are super excited about this and hope you continue to read and enjoy our posts. 
For about 3 weeks there was a lot of binge watching here of Netflix because Lillibug was very sick. The only thing she had energy for was the couch for cuddles and loads of Netflix. I took great delight in watching a lot of these because it brought me right back to my own childhood as I watched all these too. I think it's great that what we watched as kids still stands up today and something for our kids to enjoy.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1-4

While it's not exactly the same as the "My Little Pony" of my youth, the basics are still the same. However instead of the harmless humour of the original, this show is a bit more anarchic in the "Spongebob Squarepants" style, which would also explain why it's developed a cult following among adults. Not to say that the humour is ever…