#SmallChanges with Optiwell Yogurt Drink

Okay hands up, who loves the biscuit with the first cup of tea in the morning? Do you have one with your second, third cup of the day, and don't forget the bar of chocolate in between....No? Well I did, but now that's changed with Optiwell Yogurt Drink. When they contacted me a few months ago I really wanted to try it to see if it could get me out of a really bad habit especially at a time I needed to kick the snacking habit.

New Optiwell Yogurt Drink

I started drinking these when Lillibug was in hospital back in January, and I was grabbing the 330ml small bottles from the fridge before heading back to the hospital. It was better than snacking on biscuits and chocolates, and I found that these kept me going for longer. The Optiwell yogurt drink was refreshing and tasty and even Lillibug loves them now. The yogurt drinks come in 330ml bottles (€1.99) for easy on the go drinks or the 1 litre (€2.79) cartons. You have a choice of the Strawberry & Raspberry flavour which is our favourite, or the Peach & Apricot.

New Optiwell Yogurt Drink

The drink has become a fixture at our table in the mornings with breakfast, and in Lillibugs lunchbox for school. Each serving of 200ml contain 64 calories, fat free, full of dairy goodness, no added sugars. Optiwell naturally contains calcium and is high in protein, which helps to maintain bones and muscles. It contains no artificial preservatives

New Optiwell Yogurt Drink

Holly Willoughby is the brand ambassador for Optiwell, something that really made me relate to the new yogurt drink, as she is a busy mum with kids too (albeit I've only 1 child). Since starting the drink, my energy levels are better now in the mornings, I don't look for crap food to snack anymore which is the small change that I really wanted to make to my lifestyle.

Optiwell is available from Dunnes, SuperValu, Tesco and Spar.

For more info check out Optiwell online

*contains pr samples


  1. I had some this morning and it's not too shabby at all.

    1. I'm not huge on yogurts but this I love, especially the Strawberry & Raspberry flavour :)


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