Shiseido Masterclass with Danielle Mahon

I was recently invited to a Shiseido masterclass with award winning makeup artist Danielle Mahon. The setting was perfect with it the venue being in Town and Country Mercantile New Ross. The masterclass was to help raise funding for the New Ross Pantomime society and they were great fun to be had which added to the great atmosphere. Just a little bit about MUA Danielle Mahon; she is now the brand ambassador for Shiseido, but before that worked for MAC with which she worked for over 5 years. She is in the industry for over 10 years now and has a very contemporary feel to her work which I love. She also worked for Giorgio Armani at Brown Thomas, so she really has a wealth of experience behind her. Danielle also won Makeup Artist Of the Year 2016 from Weddings Online.

I not only wanted to learn loads of new makeup tips and tricks but to also find out more about Shiseido, a brand that I noticed but never got to experience. I can tell you that I could easily fall in love with this brand and their makeup. The cornerstone of this brand is all about taking western science and eastern wisdom. They stick with their eastern philosophy and to bring us a host of different ranges and lines within the brand.  Shiseido’s symbolic camellia logo was designed in 1915 by the company’s first president Shinzo Fukuhara. Also, Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the world, it began in 1872 as Japan's first western style pharmacy. So really after 140 years they really know how to bring the different aspects of culture and style to our makeup.

On the night we were treated to beverages and nibbles to get us started and then we were introduced to the brand that is Shiseido. What I really liked about the masterclass is that it's informative and interactive. We could ask anything we wanted and were greeted with a wealth of information from Danielle. She talked us through everything she was doing, from the way she applied the makeup, to how the products felt how they worked and who they suited. Some of the products were passed around so we could see for ourselves what they were like.

A few products really piqued my interested on the night which were the concealer pens, the mascara, and the eyeshadow shimmer pots. I have being trying out some of the lipsticks lately and I really like them a lot so will have a review coming soon about that. I've also tried Shiseido's Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye masks before which I love. If you can get to any of the masterclasses taking place I would highly recommend you go, I would go again. Shiseido have so much to offer from cosmetics, skincare, suncare, fragrances, and haircare, some of which I didn't know about.

After seeing two different makeup looks on the night we got the chance to look around and chat to everyone. I was delighted to finally meet Aileen who was also one of the models for the night (pictured below) you can find her blog over at Olivia's Mother Blog, I met Lisa from Cuddles and Contouring and Lisa from Lisa's Wedding World. I was also delighted to catch up with the lovely Erin from Chasing Ruby Chat who I've met before. I'd highly recommend you head over and check out all those blogs, you really won't be disappointed.

The ticket for the masterclass was €15 and there was a raffle on the night and everyone got to go home with a gorgeous goodie bag. All proceeds went to the New Ross Pantomime Society, and €900 was raised!

Check out Shiseido's Facebook page for information on masterclasses that are coming up. Let me know if you have tried Shiseido products before, I'd love to know what you would recommend.


  1. I used to love the shiseido fragrances. I'd love to try the make-up xx Siobhan

    1. I got a sample of their Ever Bloom fragrance and now I really want the bottle I love it so much. The makeup looks amazing as well as the skincare x

  2. Replies
    1. It was so good. I barely get to events so was really delighted with how great it was x

  3. Looks like great fun! I've never tried anything by Shiseido

    1. It was a fab evening out in a great place. I want to try everything now :-)


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