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Flawless Wonder Brush Review

I've heard a lot about the Flawless Wonder Brush and other brushes of this type lately and all have been surrounded with great reviews. When I spotted the Flawless Wonder Brush recently in our local chemist I thought "this is great" and I parted with my €13.99. 

The brush have a curved handle possibly for ease of use but felt very flimsy in the hand. The head of the brush is oval (most of us think "toothbrush") and the bristles extremely dense (uncomfortably so). The brush can be used for liquid, creams, and powders and I gave all of them a go with this brush. So after a month (if not more) of really trying to get to grips with this brush I am no better off. 

The brush is so dense it can feel scratchy on the most sensitive of places on my skin i.e the top of my cheekbones and the bristles do not seem to budge so doesn't move with the product (if you can catch my drift at all). Another downside to this brush is how long it takes to apply the products and bu…

Shiseido Expert Sun Protection Lotion SPF50+

As promised I'm here with a review of the Shiseido Expert Sun Protection Lotion SPF50+ (€37). I posted this on Instagram and hoped to get the review up sooner, but alas that didn't happen, but I'm here now! So, the sunny weather finally made an appearance and then quickly disappeared in Ireland, finding this in the postbox from Shiseido's PR was welcomed as I pray for more sun.

Shiseido's Wetforce Technology (€36) is what is the winning bonus with this sunscreen. The technology comes into play when the sunscreen is applied and then exposed to water for 15 mins or perspiration for 30mins! It's perfect for children, and anyone who is exposed to water or outdoors either through leisure or work. It applies easily but does leave a dry type feeling on the skin especially on the face so would be better for oilier skin types. There is a slight fragrance to it which is no stronger than the typical sunscreen smell, but but at least it didn't irritate either Lillibug&…

Bioderma Hydrabio Gel-Créme & H2O Review

I'm back again and this time with a favourite brand of mine; Bioderma! Bioderma have just celebrated 1 year of being in Ireland and after all those of years of asking our friends to bring back our Bioderma favorites from France, it has being exciting to have it at our fingertips now in Ireland. The latest launch in Ireland is the Hydrabio range, formulated especially for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

The only micellar water I've used for the last year is Bioderma's Sensibio H2O it's a firm favourite and always on my top shelf. So now for those of us who have sensitive and dehydrated skin Bioderma Hydrabio H20 (RRP €11.50 250ml)is going to be perfect. At first I didn't see much of a difference between the two, until I got my mum to try it. My mum has the most sensitive skin of anyone I"ve ever met and is allergic to a lot of skincare products but this she could use. My mum didn't get on as well with the original one but for her sensitive skin the Hydrabio…

LANCÔME Grandiôse Mascara Review

When looking for a mascara I like fanned out lashes that give me a wide eyed effect, black and curled lashes also are a must. I find it really hard to find a mascara that offers all that to me, so I decided to try out the LANCÔME Grandiôse Mascara and put it the test. At €31 this does not come cheap so I had very high expectation.

The packaging is just stunning where you can see the black rose through the top of the transparent wand. The formula to me is not too wet but more of a creamy texture which in turn can kind of make your lashes feel a little bit on the clumpy side. However I found that the mascara didn't flake at all during wear time. I also didn't get any smudging but I know that a friend of mine said this was a problem she had with it.

What makes this mascara stand out is the "Swan-Neck™" wand, a first of it's kind on the market (unless like me you tend to put a bend in your mascara wand)! I found it easy to use without my face making contortions while …

Johnstown Castle on a Summer's Day

After what seemed like a very long winter here in Ireland, the sun has finally come out to greet us this last week. The temperatures have been soaring and the summer clothes have finally made it out of the back of the wardrobes. With a spring in our step we high tailed it to the beautiful picturesque spot of Johnstown Castle on a summer's day. 

Our intention was to just go for an hour but you get sucked into all the nooks and crannys of the estate. The 19th century Castle was designed by Daniel Robertson, a British Architect who moved to Ireland. He also designed the gardens of Wells House which is also in Wexford.  The ornamental gardens of Johnstown Castle are stunning from every angle, a natural playground for adults and children alike. The castle makes a stunning backdrop to the surrounding gardens (the castle however is closed to visitors).

The ownership has changed hands many times over the centuries, first owned by theEsmondes who were a Norman family who settled in Wexfor…