Instagram: A Week in Pictures

Welcome back to the blog everyone! I hope you are liking the brand new look, it was time for a change. Instagram is my favourite app and I love posting pictures up whenever I can, so thought I would do a round-up on the blog.

So as I've mentioned, I've made some change to the blog and I'm hoping it's fresher, cleaner and easier to navigate. There are other things I'd like to tweak but unfortunately, my knowledge of these things is limited!

Also this week I managed to get my hands on the essence "me and my umbrella" blush. It's super cute, affordable and really pretty on the cheeks. They also have lipsticks and eyeshadows in this range but I'm finding it hard to track down, they are flying off the shelf.

Lillibug started ballet classes a few weeks back and is absolutely loving it. She takes it super seriously and is always impatient now to get to the classes. It's great to see her love dancing so much, I'm hoping she takes after me with the love for dance.

We have books all over our house, as both of us are avid readers, and I'm delighted to see that Lillibug is going the same way. Hans Christian Anderson was always a favourite of mine as a child, so now I'm reading the stories to Lillibug every day. She particularly loves Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid.

I'm a big fan of oils, and now that the colder days have arrived my skin is in dire need of the extra help. I love using the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse on my hair and body it works wonders. It soaks in really well and doesn't leave a greasy feeling but beautiful soft skin. The lip balm is one of my all time favourites to keep my lips in great condition.

I always finish up Sunday nights with filling in my journal for the week ahead and answering my question for the day in my Q&A a day, it makes me so much more organised. I didn't use my NUXE oil tonight on my face because I knew I really wanted to try out the Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask.

I hope you enjoyed the round-up, it's a nice way to do a catch up here on the blog if you don't follow me on Instagram and talk a little bit more about each picture. Have a great week ahead.

If you are on Instagram don't forget to come over and say hello. 

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  1. Love this, hope you make it a weekly feature :) Your Instagram photos are always beautiful.

    1. Thanks Nicola, I hope to have one up every Sunday now (as long as I've posted to Instagram lol). Xx


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