Etude House: Missing U! Hand Cream Fairy Penguin

If you love all things cute and adorable (especially when it comes to makeup and skincare) then you may have already come across the South Korean brand Etude House. I managed to pick one of their Missing U Hand Creams called Fairy Penguin. Etude House was initially established in 1985 and still going strong. They based their name on Frederic Chopin's studies of the piano, with Étude meaning Study in French. Études are technically composed pieces to the help perfect your musical skill or for example, some pieces are written to help strengthen the fingers in the right hand. Maybe Etude House is trying to bring the study of skin care and makeup into their products which in turn give us affordable yet fantastic items. I'm waffling now as I think back to my days of playing the piano. So on with the review....
Etude House: Missing U! Hand Cream Fairy Penguin

You can't help but stop when you see these kawaii products starting to pop up on our social media feeds, and these hand creams are super adorable and cute. You get 30ml of product which is very small indeed, so I can't see it lasting long. The hand creams come in four different scents, with the Fairy Penguin smelling of baby powder. The smell is lovely but put too much on and it can be a little annoying. It doesn't leave a greasy residue and it's not a heavy cream at all so if like me, you suffer from dry hands this is not going to suit you at all and you may want to find something richer. I can't use this alone to keep the dry and chapped skin at bay, but for fun and for the smell it leaves on my hands during the day I do like it.

Etude House: Missing U! Hand Cream Fairy Penguin

It contains herbs, shea butter and olive oil which are very much a fair bit down on the ingredients lists. I mentioned earlier that there are four to choose from:
 Fairy Penguin - baby powder scent, 
Harp Seal - green tea scent, 
Panda - peach scent
Dolphin - peony scent

Etude House: Missing U! Hand Cream

You can see the cotton plant on the tummy of the penguin which is a really nice touch and overall the packaging is fantastically detailed. 

There is also a story on the side of the box  about the Fairy Penguin and lets you know where our little friend is from. This is part of Etude House Missing U project to help bring awareness of animals that are endangered or becoming extinct with profits going to animal protection societies.

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