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My Little Box - #NoFilter March Box

It has been a long time since I've spoken about My Little Box, a subscription box that comes from the heart of Paris. It has always been one of my favourite subscription boxes, I think because it has more than beauty, and incorporates lifestyle accessories too. Last year I stopped my subscription as it was getting to be a bit of an expensive box each month, especially as here in Ireland we have to use ParcelMotel to get it. For Mother's Day, Lillibug and Kevin treated me to a box (I must have dropped a lot of hints), they are the best! 

For March, My Little Box's theme was "#NOFILTER". Instead of the usual box, and drawstring bag, everything came in a gorgeous wash bag emblazoned with the slogan "#No Filter". I will definitely get great use out of the bag and it is a great size for all my makeup. Also included was a notebook for all my beauty notes, and printed card (which I love to stick up on my wall).

A lovely soft kabuki brush was included, with ro…

National Bed Month with Netflix

We all love a good binge watch, right? Getting a few solid hours of your favourite show in can be an incredibly fun and satisfying experience. More and more, we seem to be doing this in bed. Fittingly, this month of March has been decreed "National Bed Month". After doing some research, though, I've found that while it's nice to binge watch in bed, it goes against the advice of The Sleep Council in relation to the perfect sleep environment. But, there's nothing stopping you from grabbing your PJs, hot water bottle and duvet and spending a day on the couch. This way, you're not disrupting your much-needed sleep pattern and you're having a day for yourself. 

In terms of a duvet driven binge day Netflix has you well looked after, regardless of what you're into,  with the following shows and movies:
Iron Fist: 13 Episodes, 1 Season.
The last Marvel/Netflix solo show following "Daredevil", "Jessica Jones", and "Luke Cage", &qu…

Spring has Sprung with IsaDora

The sun is out and spring is in the air, and thanks to IsaDora spring has sprung in the makeup department too! IsaDora sent me two of the Perfect Blushes (€12.95) and one of the Ultra Matt Liquid Lipsticks (€12.95), I had already purchased the shade "Cool Mauve".

I never tried the blushes before from IsaDora so this was exciting to try out. These are super creamy and easy to apply. These aren't super pigmented but are buildable and a flawless on the skin. Pink Glow had been my go-to blush for the last week and has a gold glow (no glitter to be seen here) and is super lifting on my pale complexion. I recently bought a NARS Palette but find myself coming back to the IsaDora blushes over and over again as they are on par with the higher-end blushes. Frosty Rose has a slight sheen to it but pulls more brown on my skin tone, yet on my mum's skin it has that rose undertone and looks very sophisticated. These held up well throughout the day with very little fadi…

Coming Up for Air: Our Story of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Where does one start? From the beginning usually. I don't think I will, though.

I start on a drizzly evening in 1998, when meeting back at the community centre after Dad's football training. I noticed straight away dad wasn't himself, but like most, he didn't want to show that he was in pain. The drive home seemed like a struggle yet it was only a short drive. I knew then I needed to call for help, but dad was stubborn and continued to block me. Fortunately, my reflexes at 14 were pretty good and dad was getting weak at that moment. I managed to ring the doc on call but he wouldn't come to the house and dad agreed to go to his surgery. It was another short drive but it felt like a lifetime because I thought he was going to black out and end up in a ditch, me with my hand on the handbrake. By the time we reached the doctor's surgery dad could barely walk, I asked for help but it was me alone that held my dad's weight with all my might. Dad had a heart attac…