Picturesques Kilmore Quay

I love Kilmore Quay, and it's our go-to place on the occasional Sunday. Kilmore Quay is a wonderful fishing Village just under 30 minutes outside of Wexford Town. I especially look forward to the Seafood Festival which takes place the first Thursday of July every year for 4 days!

Our first stop is always into Little Saltee Restaurant, and the food is always fantastic, it is situated just across from the marina. It really has that updated coastal interior feel to it, which brings the beach and brightness to its restaurant. Don't leave without trying their scrumptious array of ice creams!

There is a wonderful walk along the coast and hidden nooks to find along the way. A playground is just up from the Marina, and it's one of Lillibug's favourites plus it's free and well kept.

There is a wonderful selection of activities mostly centred around the sea from angling, sailing and snorkelling. You could also go and follow the Norman Way Heritage Trail (I'd highly recommend) which will bring you into Kilmore Quay.


  1. Ah Saltees is my absolute favourite chipper but I have to eat in the restaurant- the girls are so friendly. I eat there every other day when I'm in my Dads xx siobhan

    1. The restaurant is fab!!! We must try and meet up some time down there :-) xx

  2. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with your family at the marina with some great ice cream. Kilmore Quay sounds like the perfect place.


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