Netflix - Stranger Things 2

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The show that captured the imagination of so many last year is coming back!!! I'm really looking forward to Stranger Things 2 coming 27th of October and just in time for Halloween. We are heading back to Hawkins, Indiana to see a bigger yet even more sinister entity that is coming after to those who survived. Now I'm left with so many questions as to what awaits us and will the past catch up?! The fist season had so many easter eggs to some of our favourite 80's films and I really hope that will be the case the second time around and have that true retro feel to it.

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

We know from season one that MK Ultra the covert operation conducted by the CIA came to Hawkins in 1953, could they possibly be still be doing their experiments, or has their past experiments come back to haunt them?! FUN FACT: MK Ultra was an actual operation by the CIA!

On November the 6th 1983, Will Byers vanishes and ends up in the Upside Down an alternative world and held there by the horrifying monster Demongorgan. We see Will rescued by the end of season 1 but we can only imagine the lasting effect that could have had on him and will he be able to integrate back into the friendship he once had. Will he be the Will they all knew before?

November 8th, 1983, Barbara vanishes but we do find out that she was killed by the monster in season 1. But when you consider we're dealing with alternative universes could we possibly see this character make a reappearance?!

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

Will you be tuning in for season two? Let me know what you are hoping to see in season 2!

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  1. I actually CAN NOT wait for Stranger Things 2... siobhan xx

    1. Me too Siobhan, the first one was so good that we were left wanting more! xx


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