Throwback Thursday: Halloween 1984, with "Stranger Things 2" from Netflix.

It's almost time to return to the world of "Stranger Things" on Netflix, with the second season coming tomorrow, October 27th!! Let's not pretend like we haven't watched each trailer a dozen times, and skip the need to preview this season. We know what's up, right?

So I've decided to take a trip through time to see what would have been big in popular culture on Halloween of 1984, when "Stranger Things 2" is set.


Sitting pretty on top of the Billboard Hot 100 in the States for the third straight week was the Stevie Wonder classic "I Just Called to Say I Love You".

Meanwhile, here in Ireland, Wham! were on their own three-week run of topping the chart with their hit single "Freedom".


The number one movie in the United States on Halloween weekend in 1984 was the film that really launched the careers of Arnold Schwartzenegger and director James Cameron, "The Terminator". This film is as much a horror as it is a sci-fi, so it's not completely out of place here!
The biggest hits of the year include: "Ghostbusters", "Gremlins", "The Karate Kid", and "Beverly Hills Cop".


Peter Straub and Stephen King teamed up to bring us "The Talisman" which was topping the New York Times Bestseller list at this time, and would continue to do so until the end of the year! Interestingly, it tells the story of characters who are able to move from our universe into an alternate one. Coincidence??

There's something very familiar about the font used for Stephen King's name too!

In World News:

Indira Gandhi, the 3rd Prime Minister of India, was assassinated at 9:20 a.m. on 31 October 1984, at her Safdarjung Road, New Delhi residence. She was killed by two of her Sikh bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star, the Indian Army's June 1984 assault on the Golden Temple in Amritsar which left the Sikh temple heavily damaged. This act resulted in Anti-Sikh riots break out, leaving 10,000 to 20,000 Sikhs dead in Delhi and surrounding areas with majority populations of Hindus. Rajiv Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of India.

If you are going to watch "Stranger Things 2" tomorrow enjoy it and don't forget to stock up on the popcorn!

*Disclaimer: I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this, I receive a complimentary subscription.  All opinions are my own.


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