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New on Netflix in December

It's winter at last! It's my favourite time of the year, despite the cold, and I just love to cosy up on a comfy chair in front of the fire and catch up on some great tv shows and movies, and as usual, Netflix has me covered!
Have a look at the trailer for what's coming this month, and check out my five picks that I'll definitely be checking out!

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (7th of December)

Acclaimed actor and director Andy Serkis reinvents Rudyard Kipling’s beloved masterpiece, in which a boy who would become a legend, wants nothing more than to find a home. Torn between two worlds, that of the jungle and that of humankind, Mowgli must navigate the inherent dangers in each on a journey to discover who he really is. Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Freida Pinto, Matthew Rhys and Naomie Harris lead an all-star cast along with newcomer Rohan Chand ("Mowgli") in this visually spectacular and emotionally moving adventure. It will also be d…

theBalmJour Creamy Lip Stain Review

I'm a huge fan of theBalm products, especially because of their versatility. I was super excited when I first heard about theBalmJour creamy lip stains and I hoped this would be long lasting and full of pigment. I wasn't disappointed and straight off the bat, I love the creamy formula. These do give a sunny forecast with a mix of stain and shine.

I picked up the shade Hello for its rich plum tone and thought it would be lovely for the Autumn. If you love lipgloss and the shine they achieve then you will love this. The shine when this first goes on is gorgeous and does last a fair amount of time. These then deliver a super amount of pigment giving any lipstick a run for its money. Finally, you are left with a stain that just lasts and lasts for most of the day. The creamy texture is easy to work with along with the applicator, and one swipe does the job. My lips appreciate going away from matte formulas for the moisture of these creamy lip stains.

There are eight shades to cho…

Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Masks Review

If you are a long time reader you will know the area under my eyes is something I struggle with from fine lines to always looking tired, and I have some lovely bags that age me. I'm constantly trying out products to tackle all these problems and I have finally found some go to products which you can read about here. However, I found these new Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Masks and I have been getting on great with them. I love tissue masks and they are great for a bit of pampering, and also affordable with these coming in under €5 each.

Orange Juice and Hyaluronic Acid

The Orange Juice and Hyaluronic acid mask is for dull tired looking eyes and contains masks for underneath the eyes. They don't skimp on the serum inside and the masks stick on and don't fall off every two minutes. You leave it on for 15 minutes and if you have any excess product after you are finished you can either massage it in or just wipe away with a cotton pad. The masks were bigger than I expected …

Review: Decléor Hydra Floral Everfresh Hydrating Light Cream & Eye Gel

I was super excited when I received some Decléor products in the post weeks ago. It's one of those brands I've always lusted after but never could part with my money for it, but oh my goodness I've been missing out! The Hydra Floral Everfresh Light Cream (RRP €57.50)is the most decadent of moisturisers I've ever tried!

To start off with, my skin verges on the dry side and has done since day dot. Over the last few years, other problems have started to make an appearance in the form of texture issues, blocked pores, and dull skin. I've tried a lot of moisturisers and other products over the last two years trying to combat these problems. Two moisturisers have close but the Decléor has catapulted to Gold medal status for me. Yep, I haven't even gotten into what it can do and I'm giving it gold already. This may have been sent to me to try, but has made me want to buy more from the range now and I can already say that I would repurchase this moisturiser. Ever…

What We're Watching on Netflix.

It's been a looooooong Winter, but luckily there's been a load of great stuff added to Netflix since the start of the year to stave off the long, miserable evenings. So here's some of the stuff that the hubby and I have been watching, along with something the Lillibug has taken to as well.

This show is not just an American version of "Bake Off". It's a lot funnier for a start and the contestants are absolute amateurs, which means that the results of the challenges end up being unintentionally hilarious. That being said, the contestants themselves are in on the joke and none of them ever take the judges laughter personally. Each episode is only twenty minutes and there are only six episodes so you'll fly through it.

Based on the book "The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan" by Kim Barker, this film stars Tina Fey as Kim Baker (just one of the number of changes from the original, true story) alongside Margot Robbie and Mart…

Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau De Toilette Review

Meet Mademoiselle Azzaro, an eau de toilette that makes you dream of sitting at a Parisian cafe in springtime. The delicate powdery pink perfume is housed inside a faceted glass bottle and finished off with a satin bow brings the delicate Parisian and elegant feel to it.

The stand out of this perfume is it's floral and fruity bouquet which is delicate and pretty. It has top notes of Peach to give the fruity, sweet composition that is like velvet to the senses.  Seringa Flower comes through the top and heart notes and is known as the Jasmine of Poets, it is slightly fruity but has a floral bouquet to it. Iris Wood is the scent that I love when it comes through after it warms up on my skin. The Iris Wood comes from the root of the iris and contains rich unique notes, and it takes over three years to develop this. An interpretation of iris wood was created and reconstituted for Mademoiselle Azzaro, using synthetic molecules to give the perfume its white woody note and lively character.

Ireland From My Door - Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

The sun popped out today in Wexford and we took to the road and headed to the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve. I had my very excited 6-year-old with me, along with her first kite, so she was rearing to get out in the fresh air. The nature reserve is a great place for kids to explore, students to learn, and photographers to capture some magic.

The nature reserve is home to local and migrating birds which are attracted to the open fields, water channels and well-watered soils of the North Slobs. You can find depending on the time of year, geese, swans, ducks, waders. The North Slob is also a reserve for hares. During the year, foxes, and badgers also make it their home.

The Wildfowl Reserve is open daily and there is no charge. The 200-hectare reserve has a visitor centre with staff that are so friendly, and you will also find the 8-metre tall observation tower at the visitor centre.

We also made time to fly our kite on the beach which is just before the long entrance down to the reserve. Wex…

Skincare for the Eyes with Clarins and Nuxe

My eyes have taken a bit of battering over the last few years, which includes ageing but most of all the damage from a condition I have called Graves Disease. I have tried so many lotion and potions over the years and pretty much given up finding anything to help until recently. Two products arrived and I have noticed a huge difference in the skin under my eyes. Just to get back to the Graves Disease for a minute, the damage has happened due to my immune system targeting that area. It has caused my eyes to bulge, inflammation, pressure, sensitivity and a host more things. My eyes began to make me look older and in turn very self-conscious.

Long-term care around the eye area can provide great benefits, but finding the right products can be difficult for such a sensitive area. The skin around our eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face. With all the smiling, laughing, frowning, blinking we do our eyes can be the first place to show signs of ageing.

The Nuxe Anti…

Primark - Latest Makeup Collection K-Pop

I haven't really delved into Primark PS makeup range over since it's inception, as it never really piqued my interest or make me excited. That all changed recently with the new collection from Primark inspired by Korean makeup and skincare called K-Pop. First off I couldn't miss the cute packaging, the colours, and of course the price. The Korean style of makeup for fresh and dewy skin is right up my street, with the use of soft pinks and shimmering pastel colours. I believe there are 12 pieces to this collection which include cushion blush, primer, palettes, and lipsticks to name a few.

I started off with the Bubble Blush (€5.00) a soft pink and highly pigmented cushion blusher. Easy on the application as I looked like a clown the first time I tried this! My prefered way of applying this is with a stippling brush rather than using the makeup sponge included. This last longer than my foundation so I was pretty delighted with the results. It left me with a dewy yet natural…

Ireland From My Door - St. Helen's Bay Beach, Wexford.

Today turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year, and not wanting to let it go to waste we took to the road. We ended up down at St. Helen's Bay beach and cliff walk; a wonderful sandy beach with little nooks when the tide is in. It was nice to see the sun shining and get to experience our first real day on the beach this year. We may live in the Sunny South East but the last few months have been so bleak, making this the longest winter I can remember in years!
I remembered to take the camera and got a few nice shots along our walk and I hope you enjoy.

If you are lucky enough to be there at the right time, you can lose yourself in watching the boats come into the Europort in Rosslare Harbour, and if it's a nice day don't forget the picnic!
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