Grow Gorgeous™ Full Bodied Volumising Review

Happy New Year!!! This is my first post for 2018, and I hope you all had a great Christmas. I wanted to start the new year off with great hair, so trying out the Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising range was a treat. My hair is horrendously fine and thin, and I'm always trying out different products to add some volume or make it feel thicker. My hair has really suffered from my thyroid too with some hair loss along the way, so trying everything and failing has left my hair scraped up in a ponytail or under a hat.

Starting with the Grow Gorgeous™ full bodied volumising shampoo (€15.00) which is a very thick gel like shampoo that needs to be applied generously to soaking wet hair. You may need to work hard for a lather so I would recommend that your hair is drenched before applying it. You get 190mls which doesn't seem like a lot when you have to use so much of it, but I can't complain because the shampoo works for me especially along with the full-bodied volumising leave-in conditioner. Using volumising products can feel very drying, making not only your scalp feel dry and tight but your hair feeling course. I have greasy hair so I got away with this for a certain amount of time, but the conditioner does help.

I haven't used a leave-in conditioner in years but this is lovely and you use 3-4 pumps from root to tip. I was able to style my hair no problem and it didn't feel like I had left anything extra in my hair if you know what I mean (please tell me you do?). The conditioner has 120ml for €16 and is lasting way better than I anticipated.

The results have been fantastic for me, with me also having a change of heart to chopping my hair very short. I'm left with full bouncy hair, that has a lift at the roots, and with just a quick tussle with my fingers, I can oomph it up again during the day. 

I also love the smell of this, as it has has a masculine smell of which I believe contains the signature Grow Gorgeous™ scent. Which are citrus top notes of orange blossom, and a hint of green fruit leading to an intense woody, amber and sandal, layered with a delicate floral, warm spice and musk.

Key ingredients are Pea Peptide proteins that act as a film-former to build up each strand for full luxuriously healthy looking hair. These proteins continue to work overtime, so hair never falls flat. Feather-light active micro-emulsion helps to repair and protect hair strands without adding weight or sacrificing volume. 

So big thumbs up from me and to counteract the dryness I use a mask once or twice a week and I'll be sharing that with you later in the week! I have also found that this is available on the Boots website, so I'll be getting the shampoo again soon.

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  1. This was really helpful ! That's amazing that it worked so well for you! Keep up the good posts:)

    1. Thank you Rach, and sorry I only seen your comment now :)


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