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Celebrate World Book Day on Netflix.

World Book Day is upon us once again, and while I don't want to take anyone away from their books, I thought that it would be nice to have something to suggest to you when you take a break from your reading, or if you don't partake in the occasional book, maybe one of the films below will spark your interest. 
Netflix has something for everyone this World Book Day, kids and adults alike, and whether you're into the classics, modern thrillers, horror, or classics for the kids, you'll surely find something that tickles your fancy.
Stephen King:

The undisputed king (no pun intended) of horror is well represented by some classic adaptations of his work, as well as some Netflix originals that arrived late last year. Brian De Palma's version of "Carrie" (1976) has never been bettered despite numerous attempts (including a 2002 remake and a sequel in 1999 - which are also both available on Netflix). Rob Reiner's "Misery", which won one of its stars…