Ireland From My Door

I'm back!!! I know I'm not writing much the last while and I have also been missing from Instagram which is a shocker. Spending time away from it all was a much-needed break. It can very overwhelming trying to keep up with it all and sometimes I feel like I've lost a bit of spark when it comes to blogging. However, the last few months I have found a great joy in taking photos around Wexford, and last October I finally plucked up the courage to set an Instagram account especially for it which you can find here if you fancy a look. My love of photography goes right back to when I was a very young child and playing around with my dad's Polaroid camera. 

Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford

Gate Lodge of Rathaspeck Manor, Co. Wexford
Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

River Slaney, Ferrycarraig, Co. Wexford

River Slaney, Ferrycarraig, Co. Wexford

Wexford Quay

"Solstice" by artist Rowan Gillespie
Wexford County Council

I'm sure you can tell from the photos I have shared here, the majority are taken in Wexford and I hope you can see the beauty of this wonderful county through them. I hope to mix it up more during the summer months and share more from around the country along with some history behind each pictured captured.

My blog is always going to have beauty but my blog is a way of sharing my other interests and I need to find that spark again, so I hope you enjoyed this and come back for more. Don't forget to check out Ireland From My Door on Instagram for more details on these pictures.


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