Primark - Latest Makeup Collection K-Pop

I haven't really delved into Primark PS makeup range over since it's inception, as it never really piqued my interest or make me excited. That all changed recently with the new collection from Primark inspired by Korean makeup and skincare called K-Pop. First off I couldn't miss the cute packaging, the colours, and of course the price. The Korean style of makeup for fresh and dewy skin is right up my street, with the use of soft pinks and shimmering pastel colours. I believe there are 12 pieces to this collection which include cushion blush, primer, palettes, and lipsticks to name a few.

I started off with the Bubble Blush (€5.00) a soft pink and highly pigmented cushion blusher. Easy on the application as I looked like a clown the first time I tried this! My prefered way of applying this is with a stippling brush rather than using the makeup sponge included. This last longer than my foundation so I was pretty delighted with the results. It left me with a dewy yet natural finish when using the shade Sugar Rush on my complexion. It also has a handy little mirror in it which I wasn't expecting given the price.

The After Glow liquid highlighter in the safe Brightside (€3.00) was a nice glistening pink highlighter. I was afraid this would contain some heavy glitter, but that wasn't the case and I enjoyed wearing this for the most part. It lasted about four hours on me and I just dabbed a little on using my finger because I felt like applying it that way gave me more control over it.

Jelly Belle lipstick jelly lipstick (€2.00) in the shade Pink Laces gave a wash of colour to the lips and felt hydrating to a degree. It reminded me of juicy watermelon! It barely lasted on my lips and I had to keep reapplying and the shade made my teeth look a little yellow.

Last on my list was the K-pop Eye Candy eyeliner (€1.50) in the shade dreams. There was also a candy pink to choose but I thought the pastel blue with open my eyes to look wide awake and make my blue eyes pop. Thankfully it didn't make my eyes look stark like a pure white can do, and you can't go wrong with the price. I'll continue to use this and keep it in rotation with a few more favourites I have.

I'm happy with the finished looks I have created with these products especially the cushion blush and the highlighter. I can see myself checking out more from this collection and enjoying the fresh and dewy finishes to bring a more natural everyday look.


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