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What We're Watching on Netflix.

It's been a looooooong Winter, but luckily there's been a load of great stuff added to Netflix since the start of the year to stave off the long, miserable evenings. So here's some of the stuff that the hubby and I have been watching, along with something the Lillibug has taken to as well.

This show is not just an American version of "Bake Off". It's a lot funnier for a start and the contestants are absolute amateurs, which means that the results of the challenges end up being unintentionally hilarious. That being said, the contestants themselves are in on the joke and none of them ever take the judges laughter personally. Each episode is only twenty minutes and there are only six episodes so you'll fly through it.

Based on the book "The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan" by Kim Barker, this film stars Tina Fey as Kim Baker (just one of the number of changes from the original, true story) alongside Margot Robbie and Mart…