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Review: Decléor Hydra Floral Everfresh Hydrating Light Cream & Eye Gel

I was super excited when I received some Decléor products in the post weeks ago. It's one of those brands I've always lusted after but never could part with my money for it, but oh my goodness I've been missing out! The Hydra Floral Everfresh Light Cream (RRP €57.50)is the most decadent of moisturisers I've ever tried!

To start off with, my skin verges on the dry side and has done since day dot. Over the last few years, other problems have started to make an appearance in the form of texture issues, blocked pores, and dull skin. I've tried a lot of moisturisers and other products over the last two years trying to combat these problems. Two moisturisers have close but the Decléor has catapulted to Gold medal status for me. Yep, I haven't even gotten into what it can do and I'm giving it gold already. This may have been sent to me to try, but has made me want to buy more from the range now and I can already say that I would repurchase this moisturiser. Ever…